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Voice of Hindraf.

Voice of Hindraf 1:

Perlantikan Subramaniam dijanka selesai masalah kaum India (Utusan 19/03/08).

Once again top UMNO leadership is trying to make out that Indian cabinet minister Datuk Dr. S. Subramaniam can solve the (critical) Indian problems. UMNO previously played Wayang Kulit (shadow play) and gave the impression that Samy Vellu would solve the Indian problems. This went on for 50 years and it turned out in 2008 as the tip of the ice berg that 40,000 Indian children in Selangor alone does not even have birth certificates to start off with in the first place. Now UMNO is going to play the same game with Subramaniam perhaps for the next 30 years. The truth is the Indian minister does not have power and is a mere show piece to display power sharing. UMNO must stop this racism and religious extremism. Why the Prime Minister and all the other UMNO ministers help can’t solve the now extremely critical problems?


Voice of Hindraf 2:

Rain (and not FRU) disperses protesters (NST 20/3/08 pg6) 1,000 (UMNO) members/supporters gathered at Dataran Merdeka Shah Alam to demand that Selangor Chief Minister Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim appoint a Malay Menteri Besar and ensure 60% of executive council members and Malays. They dispersed when it rained and not by the FRU, tear gas, water canons, beating up, arrests, detentions under the ISA as what happened to the Hindraf peaceful assemblies. Why this racism, religious extremism and double standards by UMNO? Article 10 of the Federal Constitution gives the right to assemble peacefully with out arms to all Malaysians including Hindraf members and not merely exclusively to UMNO members. This is the 4th demo in a row. NO ARRESTS NO TEAR GAS NO CHEMICAL WATER CANONS NO ISA!!


Voice of Hindraf 3:

Education plan for Indians (another UMNO play) (Uttusan 25/03/08 pg 5). We do not want yet another education plan for the Indians as suggested by the Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin. We want equal rights and equal educational opportunities for all Indians as granted to the poor and under privileged Indians. Open up right from the kemas  kindergartens, MSRM science colleges, fully residential schools, Felda elite schools, institute aminuddin baki matriculation colleges, universities ITM and foreign universities, technical schools, skills training institutions, scholarships, study loans, etc. We have had enough of 50 years of racism and religious extremism. Let use move on towards genuine multi-racialism. As for the minister granting the SRJK Pasir Gudang Tamil School RM 100,000to build a 3-storey extension building, the UMNO government is still practicing racism and religious extremism. Why can’t UMNO pay for the whole cost of the building as it does for all Malay and Islamic school. To add insult and injury it is the poor and under privileged Indians who have to come up with the balance of at least RM 5 million unlike the Chinese community corporate  and banking sponsors and a strong business community. Education is the responsibility of the state and not the poor and underclass community. The opposition parties PKR, DAP and PAS must champion equal rights and equal opportunities for all the poor and the under privileged especially the long neglected and marginalized (for 50 years) poor under privileged Indians. 




When its UMNO it is perhimpunan aman but when it is Hindraf it becomes perhimpunan haram (3,000 bantah hapus DEB di Pulau Pinang) UMNO-stop the racism and religious extremism. Treat all Malaysians equal as is provided for under Article 8 of the Federal Constitution.  (Equality before the Law) Lets move on Prime Minister Badawi! UMNO must stop this racial disharmony and rational disunity.  The main objective of the New Economic Policy (NEP) was to eradicated poverty irrespective of race.  In practice it turned out to be everybody else in Malaysia except the Indians.  Most of them are mired in poverty and 40,000 Indian children do not have birth certificate to start of with (in Selangor alone) The N.E.P. has been a non-starter for especially the poor Indians.

Prime Minister Badawi assures equal distribution between the communities to ensure that there would no longer be dissatisfaction among Malaysians.  To give bite to this and to prove Prime Minister Badawi’s sincerity Hindraf proposes a Race Relations Commission to be formed urgently.  With unlimited funds and totally independent to also consist of members seconded by the United Nations and also Hindraf (as the Indians have suffered the most under 50 years of UMNO rule).  This commission should be given full powers to direct the government body accordingly with the view to wipe out racism and religious extremism.

Prime Minister Badawi says by DAP stating that it would end the NEP in Penang is sensitive, insulting the Malays causing disunity, threat to national security etc. What then do you say to the 40,000 Indian children (in Selangor alone) who have been denied even their birthh certificates which is their most basis and fundamental birth right.  It becomes “not” sensitive as it “merely” concerns the Indians, it?  UMNO must stop their strong arm and bully tactics.  Stop ruling by your majoritarian might UMNO!  Have a heart also especially for the poor Indians.

Prime Minister Badawi must form a Truth and Reconciliation Commission if he is serious and sincere in accepting UMNO’s electoral defeat last week and in assuring equal opportunities between the communities.  This Commission’s scope should also examine why 40,000 Indians children are stateless, 35 Indians out of every 100,000 commit suicide (4 for Malay and 8 for Chinese) why border labourers and child labourers/slavery happens only to the Indians, Indian form the highest illiteracy rate and highest school dropout rates due to poverty, highest poverty rate, highest in IMG Group, Indians being denied social advancement opportunities, denied business licenses, scholarships, permits, Tamil schools not fully aided and Hindu temples indiscriminately demolished and not granted state land unlike for mosques, denied Top level, executive and managerial positions in Government, Government linked companies, private sector, banking and corporate sectors, denied places and scholarships especially in critical courses like medicine, engineering, pharmacy, biotechnology etc both locally and also overseas.  From the recommendations of this T& R Commission we can move on toward an “equal opportunity” Malaysian community as Prime Minister Badawi has suggested.

Another UMNO double standard by allowing (UMNO) members to assemble outside the Selangor State Secretariat Building protesting that the new PKR led Selangor state government a DAP Puppet (Utusan Malaysia (15/3/08 page 6) To the extreme contrary Hindraf leaders were detained without trial under the Internal Security Act.  31 Hindraf supporters were charged and in fact denied bail for attempting to murder one policemen at Batu Caves.  How this is possible only UMNO knows!

1.         110 Million for Mara College (but Indians excluded) Utusan 14/3/2008.  This college Secondary and a Science School is to be built in Bagan Datoh says MP for Bagan Datoh, Dato’ Zaid Hamidi.  But 99% of deserving Indian students would be excluded from this Science School and Mara College, which is also to have a dining hall, hostel, modern stadium and classrooms.  Many Tamil schools to the direct contrary are still in portacabins, JKR Stores, open air, classrooms which are falling apart due to white ants. Etc.  Why this racism and religious extremism even after 51 years of independence.  The UMNO controlled Malaysian government does not seem to have changed its racist and religious extremist mindset despite its huge electoral losses in the general elections last year.

2.         All 6,780 MRSM students pass 100% in SPM with 979 students getting Grades 1A and 2A (Utusan 14/3/08) However 99% of deserving Indian students were denied places in this Maktab Rendah Sains Mara in the first place.   Why this racism and religious extremism even after 51 years of Independence.  Is this what UMNO’s New Economic Policy (NEP) intends to do – to further marginalize Indian students and create further racial disharmony, disunity and disintegration.

3.      12-year-old girl bonded labourer/slave and hundreds if not thousands of others in Malaysia (Tamil Nesan 14/3/08 page 6). 12 years old Sathiaveni a bonded labourer/slave escaped leaving her elder sister behind and was found wondering at the Puduraya bus terminal.  Because of poverty her parents were forced to “sell” her to an employer when she was 9 who does not pay her and her elder sister at all but merely feeds and clothes them.  Sathiaveni was forced to stop school at standard 3 (9 years old).  She craves for her parents love and is now looking for them.  In the photo she looks like “kunta kente” from Africa and nowhere like a Malaysia. She only knows that she had been working for a plantation near Kuantan but does not know where her parents live.  This is part of UMNO’s contribution under the New Economic Policy. 

To Malaysian Indians.  We have the World’s Tallest Twin Towers but Indians who are slaves in our midst.  Why didn’t UMNO, the police, Welfare Department and the other state authorities not see this?  Why hasn’t PAS, DAP and PKR not seen and/or attended to these problems?  Because the victim was Indian!  There is no history of this happening to any Malay, Chinese or Orang Asli children.  End racism and religious extremism!

4.         (NEP not bad but) “Its implementation, implementation, implementation” Malaysian Prime Minister Badawi (NST 15/3/08 page 2).  This excuse has been repeated for over 50 years since independence by UMNO and they go on marginalizing and directly discriminating the Indians.  There is still Indian bonded child labour in Malaysia with the World’s Tallest Twin Towers (Tamil Nesan 14/3//08 page 6) Excuse, it’s the implementation and this will go on for the next 50 years. UMNO-stop racism and religious extremism.  Indians are also human beings and citizens of this country.

5.         Double standards by UMNO-Penang UMNO protester not broken up, tear gas and water cannon fired, beaten up, arrested, detained, prosecuted or detained under the ISA unlike for the Hindraf peaceful assembly and detention of their legal adviser/leader (NST 15/3/08 pg 8) UMNO should prosecute the Penang UMNO leaders for sedition, unlawful assembly or arrest under the ISA for being a national security threat!  UMNO stop the racism and religious extremism.

6.         Mara to give out RM1.2 BILLION in scholarships this year (to 99.99% Malay Muslims) (NST 15/3/08).  At present Mara sends 1,000 (Malay Muslim) student a year to pursue their studies overseas in critical courses such as medicine, biotechnology and engineering.  Why this racism and religious extremism by UMNO even after 50 years of independence.  All poor students especially the Indians should also be given equal rights and opportunities to these Mara Scholarships.